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Gender disadvantage

Women on Nias trail far behind men in almost all areas of life—education, health, politics, economics and culture—a lag rooted in a patrilineal tradition that ranks women as second-class. On an island classified by Indonesia’s Ministry of Development as economically underdeveloped, this means that many women are among the poorest of an already poor populace. They often suffer from bad nutrition, have limited access to reproductive health services, are forced to leave school early, do not own or inherit property and are rarely encouraged to take positions of leadership. They live under threat of violence every day, both in public and especially in the domestic sphere.

Yayasan Holi'ana'a has long worked with the women of Nias to reverse these imbalances and inequalities. To find out how Holi'ana'a is aiding the inspirational and hard-working women of Nias, click here.  

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