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The communities of Pulau Nias struggle with a wide range of challenges - including gender disadvantage, climate change, poverty and natural disasters. 

Yayasan Holi'ana'a's aim is to strengthen communities and create awareness of and solutions for local health, environment and human rights issues. Over the past two decades, YH has worked with women, young people and small-holders to provide education and training to combat a range of challenges—including entrenched gender and economic discrimination, poor nutrition, climate change, crop disease, increasing land infertility and limited skills and capital.


Gender disadvantage

Women on Nias trail far behind men in almost all areas of life—YH aims to address the imbalance. Learn more...


Climate change

Climate change is a global challenge, and one that has widespread ramifications for Pulau Nias. Learn more...



Pulau Nias is classified by Indonesia’s Ministry of Development as economically underdeveloped. Learn more...


Natural disaster

Indonesia is among the countries with the highest levels of disaster vulnerability in the world. Learn more...